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Childish Excitement

One of the downsides of teaching English in El Cultural in Trujillo is that you have to work a seven day week.  Yup.  Because of this I’ve been sacrificing chickens in the kitchen sink for the last two weeks hoping that there will be a big swell coming through for the end of the month when I have a clutch of rare days off between teaching cycles.

Well, it worked.  Those chickens died for a good cause.  Visiting the most reliable surf forecast for Peru, I could barely contain my excitement when I saw the chart below.

One of the mighty southern swells is rolling into town this weekend, bringing waves in some spots of up to 13 feet!  There’s only one place to use a nice big swell like this; Chicama.

The longest wave in the world, Chicama needs a fair bit of size to get working but when it does, holy schmoley it cranks.  When all the sections of this mutant wave that wraps around a headland join up, the wobbly-kneed surfer can catch rides of up to one mile long.  Yes, almost 3 minutes of consistent wave riding.

Hence the childish excitement.  I’ll post soon, hopefully with some epic pictures of the trip over the next couple of days…


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Internet Wit

My ex-teaching chum Willow just sent me this absolutely priceless article from The Daily Mash; Are Volcanoes Caused by Skanks?.  It seems that there are dark forces at work behind the recent volcano debacle in Europe, of which I had no idea until recently.

For those of you unsure of what a ‘Skank’ is, you’ll have a perfect image in your head by the end of this sublimely crafted post.  It will probably be something like this:

My distant yet relevent experience in the UK stands in support of The Mash; it’s about time the Gods took control of our unsightly city-centre social scene…

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Every so often I sort of forget that I’ve been out of the Motherland for about 15ish months.  Daily life here becomes almost…normal.

So to alleviate this I pop out onto the street with my camera and try and frame the wonderful absurdity that is the sprawling mess of Latin America (well, bits of it anyway).

Thus ensued my walk back from the market, a distance of about four blocks.  This is exactly how life unfolds here, and I hope I never get blinded to it; England it ‘aint and I’m really quite fond of it.

Carne, HuanchacoMeats of all varieties

Rags, HuanchacoHeadlines include; Strong Wrists, Kareoke Horror, Aphrodisiac Juice Guide and, my personal favourite, I’m Gay

Guard Dog, HuanchacoDomestic security, comes with underbite

The School Run, HuanchcoThe school run

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