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Damn, it’s been months since I started talking about a new travel blog!

Well, now it’s more than just waffle – my new travel blog is available for public consumption at the following link:


Get over there and check it out!

So this means it’s the end for A Jolly Nice Outing.

It’s great to be able to look back over the last couple of years since my departure from the UK. Blogging has also helped me discover my passion for writing and opened doors for me to get work online.

However I’m ready to put this blog down and pick up a different project – the original purpose of staying in touch with friends and family didn’t really translate well over the long term. I’ve discovered that loved ones prefer an email or old fashioned letter to a blog subscription.

I’m also glad to be exploring a shorter posting format in the new blog. There have been times when it seemed a little laborious to be working with longer entries, especially when there was a months’ backlog of entries awaiting my attention.

So from this particular blog, I bid you all farewell and look forward to seeing you on my postcard blog!


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grand entrance

It’s been a little quiet since the epic post-fest about my lovely Huaraz trip, almost 2 months ago would you believe.

Well, since then I’ve had a couple of other adventures, including a return to the mighty snow peaks of the central Peruvian cordilleras and a surprising turn as a fashion model.

The reason I haven’t been frantically tapping away about my exploits is because I’m working on a NEW WRITING PROJECT.


I’m going to be sparing on the details, but it’s a blog.  It’s a bit less wordy, a bit more picture-ish.  And as far as I can see, there ‘aint one like it out there – very exciting.

Anyhoo, it’ll take a couple of weeks minimum to bring the beast online so you’ll all have to endure a deafening silence in the meantime.  All this fresh material is being saved for the new blog so that I can launch with a couple of months of content.  Sincere apologies to the current blog.  Blog, it’s not you – it’s me.

But, good news! I’ve just uploaded the most recent lump of photos from the exploits of the last month. You can see ’em on Flickr (click on the photostream images on the right-hand column, or use this link)

hoss and boy

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Whoop Whoop!

About two months ago, I was struck by the possibility of making an article out of my upcoming experiences in Huaraz.  Well, I’m super-excited to say that  there was more to my idea than piss and vinegar because Adam Roy, the very nice editor at Matador Sport, just dropped me an email to say that my piece on bouldering the rocks of the Cordillera Blanca has gone live!

It is great to see a pre-trip pitch turn into something put up on a nice big website like Matador, and I have to say I’m addicted; what next?  Llama racing?  Extreme pisco drinking?  I know…shark wrestling.

I’ve really enjoyed being involved in the editorial process and getting a nuts-and-bolts look at what goes into putting an article up at Matador.  My writing has definitely improved for it.

You can see the bouldering article by following the link, and while you are at it I heartily suggest having a browse of Matador’s range of sites; there is some inspiring writing and some fantastic articles.

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