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grand entrance

It’s been a little quiet since the epic post-fest about my lovely Huaraz trip, almost 2 months ago would you believe.

Well, since then I’ve had a couple of other adventures, including a return to the mighty snow peaks of the central Peruvian cordilleras and a surprising turn as a fashion model.

The reason I haven’t been frantically tapping away about my exploits is because I’m working on a NEW WRITING PROJECT.


I’m going to be sparing on the details, but it’s a blog.  It’s a bit less wordy, a bit more picture-ish.  And as far as I can see, there ‘aint one like it out there – very exciting.

Anyhoo, it’ll take a couple of weeks minimum to bring the beast online so you’ll all have to endure a deafening silence in the meantime.  All this fresh material is being saved for the new blog so that I can launch with a couple of months of content.  Sincere apologies to the current blog.  Blog, it’s not you – it’s me.

But, good news! I’ve just uploaded the most recent lump of photos from the exploits of the last month. You can see ’em on Flickr (click on the photostream images on the right-hand column, or use this link)

hoss and boy


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I got in touch with Celeste Hamilton from Idealist.org a few weeks back to have a chat about the Dunham Institute’s Volunteer Teach course, which I’m helping out to promote at the moment.  We ended up having a great chat about all things volunteer and I can only gush in a slightly excessive way about how great Celeste and Idealist are.  If you haven’t signed up for their new “Imagine” project, I strongly advise you to do so…

One of the results of my discussion was a  guest post on Idealist’s blog, La Vida Idealist.  I just got an email from Celeste to tell me that it’s now up online, so you can read a few hundred words burbling on about my experiences teaching in Mexico – enjoy!

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Well, it seems that my not-so-grand plan to make money online is heading in the right direction!  After a very promising meeting with Lou’s yoga buddy’s friend from Cusco (the joys of networking eh?), I’m under orders to write a couple of articles a week about all things Latin American for the jolly nice travel agency Escaped to Latin America!

Never one to hang around, director Gary has already put up a couple of articles on coca and altitude that I’ve written which I’ll be spreading around the internet like sweet, sticky jam in the next week or so.  Onwards and upwards to a mobile income!

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After the grinding of mental cogs that precede any decision, I’ve decided to start making steady, plodding progress into earning an income online. Searching through the depressingly inevitable mountain of sites that promise “MEGABUCK$ NOW!!!!!! for only $49.99!!!!!!!!!” I’ve found substance to my investigation, showing that there are plenty of people out there that make a modest but entirely acceptable living from hard work that they nevertheless greatly enjoy because they are doing something they love.  Not quite the answer the website below (ranked top of a Google search for “making money online”, of course) would have you believe.


So as far as I understand it, a fair amount of internet-based graft will eventually allow me to:

  • Travel wherever I want without being tied to one place by a conventional job
  • Stay on the road or choose a place to stay without needing to get back to a desk somewhere after a holiday
  • Find out a bit more about the crazy but interesting communities on the internet
  • Write about things that are important to me and share them with a like-minded worldwide group
  • Keep my eyes open and staying engaged in the ‘real world’ for interesting stories to share
  • Make a bit of a difference through what I do, hopefully improving lives for some people

It’s a multi-tentacled beast of a concept, and I’ve been navigating the various different possibilities for the last month or two, but I’m steadily getting there.

One fantastic and very inspiring resource that I recently came across (thanks to Amy) is “The Art of Non-Conformity“, a blog written by Chris Guillebeau.  On one particular post about dealing with ‘reality checks’, Chris included this wonderful quote by Joseph Campbell:

“People say that what we’re seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. What we seek is an experience of being alive.”

Whatever you may think of motivational websites, books and speakers, it’s certainly food for thought.

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