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I’ve just had my first Couchsurfing experience!  What is this?  I hear you ask.  Well…

Couchsurfing calls itself a social project.  It’s a non-profit website that allows travellers to find people who will let them stay in their house for free (actually sleeping on their couch in most cases, using the luxury of a bed in others)

As you’d expect with a fairly high-trust arrangement like this, there’s a real comunity feel to the website and people are encouraged to participate as actively as possible to boost the confidence levels of all involved.

My experience, staying with Juan Carlos Olivo in Trujillo, was superb.  He’s a fairly busy guy chained to his laptop coordinating volunteer projects that he runs in Trujillo and Cusco so I didn’t see him much, but it did mean that when we had the chance to talk or hang out he had a really good network of people that he knew locally and had lots of good chat, advice and stories to tell.

I’ll definately be Couchsurfing again, more than anything else for the people it brings me into contact with and the perspective that I get on the places I visit, often introduced to somewhere by a local than blundering around it with a bunch of tourists from the same hostel.  It’s also nice to get some freebie accomodation…


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