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The house that funk built

Through my new front door...

In a flurry, it appears that I’ve become a resident of Cusco.  Lou and I met the director the COCLA coffee cooperative last Monday with whom we have just written a couple of sections for a business plan; it became clear that we will have to wait for a while as COCLA assemble the plan from the various different parts that have been written and punt it back and forth to get feedback with a funding agency until it ends up in some kind of shape acceptable to attract investment.  We should be involved in this process, but the honest truth is that we are probably going to have to wait for a couple of months, doing, for the most part, nothing.

However, the good news is that COCLA have agreed to subsidise our rent and food costs during our wait, so for the simple exchange of a reciept, any financial concerns are swept nicely under the rug.  We’ve also got a big enough subsidy to rent a nice place, so after a couple of frustrating days of house-seeking (tedious in any country, it turns out) we have become residents of H-16 Urbanizacion Mateo Pumacahua, a nice quiet neighbourhood which is about a 15 minute walk outside town.

So now, for the first time in 6 months, I can relax in my own room, surf on my own private internet connection undisturbed by hordes of pre-pubescent boys trying to kill each other via online gaming, cook my own food when I want and wash clothes on the rooftop terrace, with some spectacular views.

Private rooftop views over Cusco

Meanwhile, to keep myself busy I’ve taken a job teaching English at the mighty ICPNA (Instituto Cultural  Peruana Norteamericano; they love their big names here), thus dragging myself out of bed to start a class at 8:45, herding a range of teenagers through the curriculum.

It’s great to feel a bit of routine creeping in to life at the moment after the exciting but slightly exhausting perpetual change of the latter half of 2009, and having my own space for the first time in months is most definately a long awaited bonus.


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