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It’s been a while since my friend passed me a dodgy copy of the 2007 Sean Penn directorial offering, “Into The Wild”, but I finally got around to watching it. Twice. The film is tragic tale based on a true story about a headstrong independent college graduate who decides to cut all ties with society and make his penniless way around the states ending in Alaska. A gorgeous mix of landscape photography and character study, it’s enough to make you want to cut your credit cards in half and head for the open road, even if the ending will have you swallowing pretty hard.

I’ve also just come upon the soundtrack, undoubtedly the best work of Eddy ‘Pearl Jam’ Vedder’s career. Just listening to it while I’m typing brings memories of those glorious swooping camera shots of breathtaking American panoramas and you can almost feel the cold wind in your hair as the fresh air seeps into your pores.   Check out the track “Rise” if you want to feel your feet itch while imagining riding the rails across wide, empty landscapes.


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