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Faking it

I’m really enjoying the joint photo blog project that I’m doing with Dad, Digital Photography by Mistake.  In a nutshell, I put what I consider to be my best snaps up on the photo blog and Dad (who is a bit of a photo veteran) leaves me suggestions about how I could improve them.  I’m learning a lot about composition and how to communicate a message through a photograph, and I’ve even started to notice that I’m paying a lot more attention when looking at other people’s photos too.

My latest addition was a spooky-looking shot of an abandoned playpark in Huanchaco; I decided to go for a walk with a camera early in the morning and, coming across the ex-playpark, fired off a few shots in colour before switching to black and white, something I’d never really tried before.  I was pleased with the shot that resulted, shown below, with the striking shapes offset against the texture of of the sky, taken from an angle that gave the whole structure an imposing look.

Huanchaco's Coney Island

I showed the photo to Dad during a skype call and he gave me some great advice which you can see in his comments on the blog post.  After explaining how I could use photoshop to remove and tweak a couple of elements to make the picture a bit clearer, he decided to have a play with it himself.  I recieved the photo below a couple of days later, and I have to say that the picture seems better for a bit of photoshop treatment.  There’s just some things that you can’t block out of a shot without a bit of technical wizardry…

Spot the difference...

What do you think?


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Every so often I sort of forget that I’ve been out of the Motherland for about 15ish months.  Daily life here becomes almost…normal.

So to alleviate this I pop out onto the street with my camera and try and frame the wonderful absurdity that is the sprawling mess of Latin America (well, bits of it anyway).

Thus ensued my walk back from the market, a distance of about four blocks.  This is exactly how life unfolds here, and I hope I never get blinded to it; England it ‘aint and I’m really quite fond of it.

Carne, HuanchacoMeats of all varieties

Rags, HuanchacoHeadlines include; Strong Wrists, Kareoke Horror, Aphrodisiac Juice Guide and, my personal favourite, I’m Gay

Guard Dog, HuanchacoDomestic security, comes with underbite

The School Run, HuanchcoThe school run

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